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Welcome to Gloria Keiser, M.S.W., L.C.S.W.

Clinical Licensed Psychotherapist

As an experienced therapist it is my goal to access each client as a unique person with individual needs and concerns. Most of us have barriers and behaviors that prevent us from reaching our goals. Counseling is a proven method to help you in your quest for empowerment. Life can change and how we respond to life’s changes can make all the difference. You can become stronger and even flourish through the difficult times.

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Ms. Gloria Keiser is a graduate of Florida International University where she earned a her degree in Social Work. She continued to earn her Masters degree in Social Work from Barry University in 1980. Gloria practiced individual, couples and group therapy for children and adults at the South Dade Community Health Center for over eleven years. She also coordinated mental health services to the TOPS Program which is a school and mental health endeavor for severely emotionally handicapped children.

Among her other credentials, Gloria has co-authored a C.D. entitled “Before You Eat… Your Great Hypnotic Permanent Weight Loss Adventure”. Additionally, she has written training manuals for mental health professionals. Gloria also taught at the Addictions Training Institute at the University of Miami. Gloria is known as a therapist’s therapist and is also an approved supervisor for those mental health therapists seeking licensure. She has extensive training in EMDR( Eye Movement and Reprocessing Desensitization, Hypnosis and Couples Therapy.


The first time Gloria Keiser saw me, I was in crisis. I was a walking PTSD about to get on I-95 by myself for an out of county trip. I know her perceptive professional intervention saved my life and probably the lives of others that day.Now after 7 months of weekly therapy of EMDR, has guided me to become calmer, happier than I’ve been in 70 years and no longer trapped by the horrors of my past.. My husband and I are both glad that my terrors stopped.
Thank you, God for Gloria!

After losing my beloved husband of 41 years I felt suicidal. Gloria spoke to me on the telephone and was able to get me right into see her. Needless to say on the telephone she was able to help me identify that I did want help. I felt so comfortable with her. She understood my pain and was able to help me not only with grieving for my husband, but to have a new purpose for my life. Although, it Is been difficult I know I can even laugh and enjoy my life once again.

I was smoking for 20 years; 2 packs a day, and its now been 15 years since Gloria hypnotized me to stop smoking and I’m still not smoking. Just two sessions and and I never smoked again. Her method was so creative and made a huge difference in my life and health and I never picked up a cigarette again.

Gloria Keiser is a caring, supportive, and knowledgeable therapist. She was there for me many years ago when I went through a crisis that changed my life. Her faith in me carried me when I had no faith in myself and didn’t believe that my pain would ever go away. Today, she is here for me whenever I need her to help me through difficult times.
P. G.

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